Interested to wear shawl but it takes long time to make it stylish?  No worries.... Another plain semi instant shawl designed from Qaira Hijab named “CHLOE”.  CHLOE with butterfly cutting that embodies softness and flow of high quality chiffon baby doll.  Sewing under the chin make it easier to adjust.  Therefore, just with one round and pin it!!!  Then, you can see the flow at the front of this semi instant shawl and the back shape nicely. The sparkling crystal that comes together with the scarf can be attached to the edge of each scarf. Make it your life easier and enjoy with plain semi instant shawl “CHLOE”.


Material          : High Quality Chiffon Baby Doll

Measurement (max length after normal girths)

Size                  :  One Size Fits All

From Chin       : 40 cm (adjustable)

From Back      : 78 cm (adjustable)

Price                : RM42.00 (exclude postage)


The colours might be difference due to lighting effect.

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